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DataTables v1.9.4 documentation


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Object models container, for the various models that DataTables has available to it. These models define the objects that are used to hold the active state and configuration of the table.




DataTables extension options and plug-ins. This namespace acts as a collection "area" for plug-ins that can be used to extend the default DataTables behaviour - indeed many of the build in methods use this method to provide their own capabilities (sorting methods for example). [...]


Template object for the column information object in DataTables. This object is held in the settings aoColumns array and contains all the information that DataTables needs about each individual column. [...]


Template object for the way in which DataTables holds information about each individual row. This is the object format used for the settings aoData array.


Template object for the way in which DataTables holds information about search information for the global filter and individual column filters.


DataTables settings object - this holds all the information needed for a given table, including configuration, data and current application of the table options. DataTables does not have a single instance for each DataTable with the settings attached to that instance, but rather instances of the DataTable "class" are created on-the-fly as needed (typically by a $().dataTable() call) and the settings object is then applied to that instance. [...]